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Originally from Reunion Island, Nikita studied at the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance of Paris. After spending some time in Israel, she came back to France in order to obtain her Teaching diploma before joining ZfinMalta, the Nationale Company of Malta where she had the chance to collaborate with Mavin Khoo, Jose Agudo, Ivan Perez Avilez and Athanasia Kanellopoulou. She then freelanced with companies such as Ballet Preljocaj, Ikari, and Lucia Piquero, before joining National Dance Company Wales in December 2017. It is probably after discovering Bill Viola that she started to develop interest for video and creating her own work. Her first video dance This moon seems so sunny made in 2016 was programmed at AVAYAVA festival in Puna India the following year. 

Her first creation was a duet, Ecrit , which was commissioned by the National Company for Wales in 2018. After two years of research her solo In the Palm of your Hand finally premiered in May 2021. Recently commissioned by the English National Ballet in London, she created Lilith's Voice which has just been released digitally. 

Conceiving that anything can be a source of inspiration, each project generates a new creative process, a whole universe unfolds where the choreographic language is unique, specific to the work.

Her main creative tool is improvisation, she tends to saturate the mind and body in order to escape restrictive habits and access authenticity within gestures, movements and emotions.

By bringing together different qualities of movements, often of opposite natures, she seeks a tension generated by these contrasts, which multiplies the potentialities.

The notion of control as well as its loss in order to access a state of transcendence is also at the heart of her research.

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